About Us

The story of Maestros' Sauce Co. begins where all great stories begin; sitting around a table full of wings and beer! Dennis, Justin, Andrew, and Ross were comparing sauces from our extensive collection, but noticed that there were flavors we still hadn't found in the market. Having made some sauces in the past, we decided to try our hands at it again. The first official sauce of Maestros', Curry Fury, was a hit among friends and family! Once we started getting requests for bottles, we knew we had something special.

We have two sayings when it comes to how we operate: "Flavor comes first", and "Try everything". Anyone can make a super hot hot sauce. The challenge comes with pairing that heat with amazing flavor, which is something on which we pride ourselves. We try whatever we think of with our sauces; if it fails, then so be it. We constantly challenge ourselves to be different and come up with great and unique flavor profiles.